It’s not all doom and gloom for youth employment

We often read about the concern for youth unemployment, especially in regional NSW, and the apparent lack of any sustainable…

We often read about the concern for

youth unemployment, especially in regional NSW,

and the apparent lack of any sustainable solution for our youth.

A recent report from the Brotherhood of St Laurence found that more than 50,000 young Australians between 15 to 24 have been unemployed for at least a year –

But it’s not all doom and gloom for youth unemployment in NSW

The NSW Department of Industry recently launched a new youth employment program in the latter half of 2017. The Smart Skilled and Hired Youth Employment program is delivered across the Mid North Coast and other areas of NSW. The program helps young people by connecting them to training, mentoring, work experience placements, and other supports to build their skills and experience.

Since we began delivering the program 18 months ago our staff have assisted 274 youths living in the region into employment.

These positive outcomes are life changing for young people and their families. The results clearly show what can be achieved with support, encouragement and guidance of professional employment consultants.

Addressing misconceptions about youth unemployment

Our success with the program highlights some of the misconceptions that unemployed young people aren’t motivated or serious about finding jobs. This certainly hasn’t been our experience as industry experts, the numbers we are seeing speak for themselves.

Young people have ample knowledge and ability to succeed in today’s business environment. With the right direction and mentorship coaching and support they can be an asset to business, both small and large.

Acknowledgement for the success of the Smart, Skilled and Hired Youth Employment Program should also be paid to the businesses in our region who continue to employ young people through this program. Many local employers are taking advantage of the energy and fresh perspective young job seekers bring to business, using the supports available to them through programs like Smart, Skilled and Hired to partner with an ideal young candidate.

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Smart, Skilled & Hired is delivered by CHESS Connect in partnership with Network Partner CoAct Employment.

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