What is Work Assist?

Work Assist helps employers support employees who are experiencing difficulty maintaining their performance because of an illness, injury or disability.

With Work Assist you can access tailored job support and funding for your employee at no cost to you.

Our employment specialists are ready to support your business by managing the impact that your employee’s illness, injury or disability has on their work, so they can feel in control and confident at work, and you keep your valued employee.

How We Help

Our specialist team can provide recruitment solutions to help improve your staff retention and improve workplace culture by supporting workplace modifications to get your employees back to optimum performance. We can also provide advice on individualised job design, workforce development and planning, return-to-work strategies and help employees in accessing funded allied health solutions and complimentary services that will return them to work faster with better outcomes for everyone involved.


Your employee is likely to be eligible if they:

  • Have a verified medical condition or disability
  • Have been employed with you for at least 3 months
  • Are able to work at least 8 hours per week

Why CHESS Connect?

CHESS Connect are the local experts in keeping people in work and understand that injury and illness can be challenging for both employees and employers. We provide on-the-job support and guidance to ensure your employee can return to work and improve the capacity in their role over time.