NDIS Respite Services

NDIS Respite Services or Short Term Accommodation (STA) supports help participants and their carers by giving carers short breaks from their caring responsibilities. It also gives participants time away from their families to achieve their goals.

Respite supports provide opportunities for people living with disability to engage in new positive life experiences, meaningful activities or to help in a time of crisis. CHESS Connect provides respite services to help customers reach social goals, take a break from homelife/routine and to make sure customers can access mainstream medical or specialists that may be out of area. We provide respite in home or out in the community in accommodation selected to meet your individual needs.

Respite services also support carers and family members who play a vital role in providing support and care that may otherwise be delivered by a formal support worker.

How does NDIS Respite help people living with disability and their carers

  • Facilitate time away from home, for example, holiday accommodation local or out of your area
  • Short term additional support in the home
  • Targeted support to reduce isolation were there are wellbeing concerns
  • Support to get to important medical appointments out of your local area
  • Support to meet a recreational goal that you have may have
  • Support if your carers are going away for a short time to provide assistance with meals, exercise, everyday tasks and promoting for medication.

How do you access Respite Support through the NDIS?

Funding for Short Term Accommodation and Assistance appears under Core supports – Assistance with Daily Life in a participants NDIS plan. If you have ‘Core supports – Assistance with Daily Life’ in your budget, then you can choose to use a portion of these funds to facilitate Respite Supports.

If you are unsure you can approach your LAC or Support Coordinator (if you have one) to help you.

Do you have capacity for Respite Services in your plan? We’re here to help! Contact us today to find out how we can support you to get the most out of your NDIS Plan.

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