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Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

we first have to explore psychosocial disability and how it applies to National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding.

Psychosocial Disability (PSD) is a term used to describe disabilities that arise from mental ill health. In general terms, PSD refers to the social and everyday consequences of disability and the way that daily life is impacted upon, due to mental ill-health.

To qualify for an NDIS support package, people living with PSD need to meet eligibility criteria and establish that their mental health condition is permanent or likely to be permanent and have significant impact on day to day functionality.

Services in the mental health space, like CHESS Connect, rarely use this type of language when offering recovery-orientated supports. However, in the context of accessing the National Disability Insurance Scheme, to be eligible, participants do need to demonstrate the impact and permanency of their psychosocial condition.

So what is Psychosocial Recovery Coaching?


Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is a contemporary way of working with people with psychosocial disability. It combines the principles of recovery-orientated practice with coaching principles with the aim of assisting people to build on their strengths and increase their capacity to control of their lives. –


In a nutshell, Psychosocial Recovery Coaching is a specialist support, funded by the NDIS. It’s aim is to help people living with psychosocial disabilities lead a full and contributing life and attain true social citizenship.

Recovery Coaches are dedicated to supporting people with PSD to make positive life changes and connect with community through strength-based mentorship. This is delivered through and a deep understanding of recovery orientated practice.

What does a Psychosocial Recovery Coach do?

Recovery coaches are different from support coordinators as they have specialist knowledge and skills in psychosocial recovery, mental health and service navigation within the mental health system. They can:

  • Work collaboratively to develop a recovery-enabling relationship to design, plan and implement a recovery plan
  • Provide coaching and support to increase recovery skills and personal capacity, including motivation, strengths, resilience and decision-making
  • Boost engagement with the NDIS
  • Assist with the coordination of an NDIS plan and other supports
  • Help create a framework to manage complex challenges of day-to-day living
  • Provide choice in service delivery by offering a digital and/or face to face coaching as needed


How to access Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

NDIS Participants who lives with a psychosocial disability may be able to access Psychosocial Recovery Coaching through Capacity Building Supports, Coordination of Supports category. If they do not have this in their plan, they can request an assessment from their Local Area Coordinator (LAC.)


Hot Tip! How to choose a Psychosocial Recovery Coach

When looking for a Psychosocial Recovery Coach, look for an organisation that has prior experience delivering non-clinical mental health supports. Organisations that delivered past Government programs such as Personal Helpers and Mentors (PHaMs) and Partners in Recovery (PIR) are now likely to be delivering psychosocial supports through the NDIS.

Like CHESS Connect, those organisations, will have the local knowledge and skills to deliver specialist services like Psychosocial Recovery Coaching. And always look for a Registered NDIS Service Provider. Registered providers are required to meet NDIS compliance and quality assurance standards for disability service delivery, providing you with the assurance of a professional and reliable support service.


A bit about CHESS Connect

CHESS Connect is a for purpose, not for profit human service organisation with over 25 years’ experience in disability and mental health services. 1st July 2017 was a significant date for us. After 2 years of planning we opened our doors to support people within the community who were eligible for the brand new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Our experience in PHaMs and PIR lead us to the NDIS but it quickly became evident that we would could offer so much more.

Today we work with hundreds of people with disability who live within our CHESS Connect communities from Port Macquarie to Yamba/Maclean.

Our vision is to continue to grow as an organisation, building our collective knowledge and resources to effectively support individuals living with disability and mental ill-health to improve their lives and connect with community.

Learn more about our full suite of NDIS supports.


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