Wellbeing through Work Transition

Practical and meaningful strategies to maintain resilience, self-care and wellbeing through work transition.

wellbeing through work transitionWith the Federal Jobkeeper payment wrapping up last month and on-going pandemic disruption, many Australian’s are finding themselves in a state of unemployment or work transition. For many, this is the first time they have had to look for work in a number of years.

No matter how you approach the challenge of work transition, anyway you look at it, you will be going through a period of adjustment and change.

Feelings of loss and grief

When we experience unemployment, we are not only feeling the loss of the job alone. Although economic factors are important, the effects of joblessness can go much deeper than financial security.

Employment adds structure to our days, it is the organising principle of our lives. When we lose our job, we experience the loss of all the other things that employment gave us, such as independence, social connection, routine and a sense of identity and self-determination.

Wellbeing through Work Transition

The good news is that job loss doesn’t have to mean the loss of all of these aspects of our lives. There are practical, meaningful and sometimes surprising strategies that we can employ to maintain resilience, self-care and a positive sense of self.

To help people experiencing unemployment or work transition in our current times, we’ve put together a useful e-book guide ‘Wellbeing through Work Transition.’ Within is practical advice from workplace wellbeing specialists on how to maintain a positive and mentally healthy mindset as you navigate through your job search journey.

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Wellbeing through Work Transition Guide