People living with disability are adapting to a new way of life during COVID-19.

With unprecedented restrictions in place to keep the community safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, many people living with disability are worried about how these changes will affect their essential support services.

Support workers here at CHESS Connect are playing a vital role in helping vulnerable people across regional NSW to accept and understand current events.

NDIS & Mental Health Supports Deemed Essential

“Our teams are closely following the advice from the Australian and State Government and are actively working to ensure safe delivery of services to people with disability” says Disability and Mental Health Manager Joel Aitken.

“Our National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Mental Health services are deemed an ‘essential service’ by the Australian Government so we will continue to provide these services to our community. We have implemented a number of health and safety measures to protect the wellbeing of our staff and customers, including pre-appointment health screenings, social distancing, strict hygiene and alternative service delivery methods where appropriate.”

Bridging the Gap for Disruptions in Disability Services

Not all disability service providers have been able to continue supporting customers through the COVID-19 pandemic. The unprecedented changes caused by COVID-19 have seen some services disrupted and people with disability have found themselves unable to access essential services.

“It is very important to be aware of the impacts of social isolation for people living with disability” says Joel. “We are still providing online and in-house support to our current customers and welcoming new customers as well. We are also available to help bridge any gaps for people in the community whose services may have been interrupted by COVID-19.”

Adapting to Change Creatively

It is necessary for disability services to adapt to the needs of their clients, as well as the current climate of COVID-19. Many people living with disability may want to stay physically isolated from their support workers, but still need social connection.

“We recently had a customer in the Clarence Valley who spent 4 hours on the phone with their support worker, baking a cake, playing games and engaging in conversation. This is a great example of the types of supports we can provide, adapted to the COVID-19 restrictions” says Joel.

“The message for us is: we’re here to help support our community through the COVID-19 pandemic.”

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*image used is a stock photo taken prior to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions


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