Student & School Leaver Employment Support.

Providing choice and opportunity for students living with a health condition, injury or disability as they prepare for life and work outside of school.

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NDIS School Leaver Employment Supports


School Leaver Employment Supports are available to eligible students in their final year of school and those who have recently left school under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

We work one-on-one with students to plan, prepare and build the skills and confidence needed to transition smoothly into employment or further training and education after school.

SLES mentoring

Plan & Prepare

Identify Key Strengths & Goals

Build Capacity & Confidence

Job Readiness Skills

Vocational Assessment

Work Experience & Placement

psychosocial recovery coach

Eligible School Leavers

Our Disability Employment Service helps school leavers and young jobseekers living with a health condition, injury or disability to find and secure employment. 

This includes young people living with diagnosed depression, anxiety or other health conditions that may be providing barriers and difficulties in their job search.

Identify your Strengths & Skills

Address Challenges & Barriers

Tailor a Job Search Plan 

Resume & Interview Support

Job Search Support

On the Job Support

Student & School Leaver Employment Support

Am I eligible?

School Leaver Employment Support (SLES)

To be eligible for our SLES supports you need to be an NDIS participant with School Leaver Employment Support or Finding or Keeping a Job in your plan. If you don’t have this in your NDIS plan, you can request that it be added by contacting your NDIS Local Area Coordinator.

We can support students and recent school leavers through these NDIS supports. 

Disability Employment Service (DES)

To be eligible for DES you need to identify as having a health condition, injury or disability that impacts your ability to find work AND currently, or soon to be a recipient of a Centrelink benefit.

Our DES services are usually for recent school leavers and young jobseekers. If you are a still in school please contact us as there is extra eligibility criteria you will need to meet.

If you are an NDIS participant and looking for work, you are also automatically eligible for DES.

Enquire now to get started.

  • Our employment supports are designed to provide extra support to local people who experience barriers when looking for work. These include people living with disadvantage, injury, a health condition, disability or mental ill-health, including depression and anxiety.

    If you are unsure about your eligibility you can still enquire and a friendly team member will contact you for a confidential chat. You do not have to declare any type of disability or condition in our enquiry form if you don't wish to.

available from 8:30am – 5:00pm

CHESS Connect are Registered NDIS Service Providers. Our DES services delivered in partnership with CoAct Employment & the Department of Human Services