Having the right people working in your business is crucial to its on-going success and growth.

It’s no secret that the quality of your staff can either boost your business profile or work against you. Word of mouth reputation, referrals and positive brand awareness can all hinge on the experiences your customers have with your staff.

Enhanced diversity and inclusion in your organisation can:

  • Support recruitment challenges and skills shortages
  • Improve employee satisfaction and retention
  • Provide better client service
  • Broaden community engagement
  • Foster innovation
  • Promote your organisations values

To ensure you’re hiring a diverse range of people for your business, recruitment practices should be regularly reviewed for continuous improvement.

Large companies have policies and practices that regularly assess and evaluate diversity within their organisation. This ensures that their workforce has a wide variety of skills, experience and knowledge to effectively meet the needs of their customers. A broader range of ideas and experiences in staff also cultivates an environment of innovation in industries that value agility and scale.

Aiming for increased workforce diversity in small business is really not that complicated or difficult to achieve.

Here are a few tips to help small business attract a diverse range of candidates in their next recruitment drive.

Go Boldly

Going through your usual channels when recruiting may seem the easiest and safest way to recruit, but it won’t connect you with new, diverse talent. Do some research online and advertise your position in a variety of places like community job boards or education campuses. Niche employment agencies that work with people from diverse backgrounds specialise in supporting employers through the recruitment process and beyond. Candidates from these agencies can be from a variety of diverse backgrounds including ethnicity, cognitive and physical ability, gender and age.

Create Awareness

Part of attracting and retaining top talent is letting people know what a great place your business is to work. Networking, relationship building, marketing and ‘social proof’ from your current employees will help to generate positive word of mouth and referrals when searching for new staff.

Think Sideways

Don’t ignore possible opportunities that may arise from volunteer, work experience or internships. These avenues allow small business an affordable way to access fresh prospects that may have a different way of thinking and looking at the world.

Expanding your horizons on where and how you search for talent will immediately open your business to a new audience. Along with greater opportunity and choice you also position yourself as an engaged, forward thinking organisation which values its staff and customers.

“Strength lies in differences, not similarities.” Stephen Covey

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