What is the ParentsNext Program?

ParentsNext is a fully funded program that helps parents and carers of young children to prepare for employment by the time their children go to school. The program welcomes voluntary participants as well as those who are referred. If you care for young children and would like support to reach your education and employment goals, then ParentsNext is for you.

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Benefits of ParentsNext Program

The ParentsNext program offers tailored, child-friendly services and financial supports that help you identify your strengths and connect you to opportunity.

Examples of financial assistance include:

  • Driving lessons and other other associated travel and licence costs
  • Required items for study including communication equipment, textbooks etc.
  • Course and training enrolment fees
  • Personal items and crisis accommodation for times of hardship
  • Assistance for out of pocket medical expenses
  • Clothing and footwear for job interview, work, course or training

ParentsNext Eligibility

If you are in receipt of a Parenting Payment from Centrelink and have a child under 6, you may be eligible for the ParentsNext Program.

As program providers, CHESS Connect are focused on providing opportunity to local families by strengthening connectedness in a safe, educational and child-friendly environment.

Our Mentors will support you to connect with community and build the confidence and skills needed to take the next steps towards a rewarding future.