Relaunching Parent’s Career Aspirations

Available to ParentsNext participants, the Relaunch Career Program supports parents to plan for employment.

Relaunch Career ProgramAvailable to ParentsNext participants, the Relaunch Career Program supports parents to plan for employment. Delivered by a qualified Vocational Counsellor, Relaunch career coaching sessions help parents explore opportunities and set career goals that align with their values and interests.

Being a parent brings many rewards, and it can be an intense life altering experience! After taking time to focus on family, when a parent decides to explore work options, many are surprised to find how much they have changed.

Some parents are new to the employment market and don’t where to begin after deciding to enter the workforce. They can feel unsure about their skills or abilities and those returning to their career could find that the industry or role they once worked in has changed or dramatically altered.

The CHESS Connect Relaunch Career Program has helped parents to accept and embrace the choices that they made to step away from their study or work, inspiring them to put some focus back on themselves.

Relaunch provides career counselling for parents wanting to explore what entering or returning to the workforce may look for them, providing tools, strategies, and information so they can set goals and begin their journey towards employment.

Relaunch works with parents from the beginning of their journey, exploring interests to discover an industry or work environment they enjoy. Using backward career planning, Relaunch helps parents reignite their confidence and develop a pathway toward achievement of their vocational goals, whether they be long or short term.

Parents learn many transferable and complimentary skills that can be applied in the workplace. Time management, problem solving, communication, interpersonal and conflict resolution are all skills valued by employers.

Download Relaunch Career Program InfosheetBy acknowledging the experience parents have learnt during their time raising their family, it is possible to make a relatively seamless transition into or back to the workplace. Empowering parents to put their best foot forward and realise their full potential will allow them the opportunity to sustain a meaningful and successful career after having children.

Relaunch is available to participants of the ParentsNext Program at CHESS Connect. ParentsNext is a full funded program that help parents and carers connect with community and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school. We welcome voluntary participants, as well as those who are referred. If you care for young children and would like support to reach your education and employment goals visit our site here to learn more about the program and eligibility. Or contact us directly to be connected with a ParentsNext Mentor.