Has your job been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic?


Over the coming months jobseekers receiving payments will be required to look for work. Many will be left to manage this process online alone or be referred to an employment services provider.

It is essential that people impacted by COVID-19 know that there is support available to them. Local employment support services like CHESS Connect are still in operation and are here to provide mentorship and guidance for jobseekers.

If you’re looking for work (or know someone who is) you don’t need go through the job search process alone or without support. You can choose the employment service that is right for you and take proactive measure to prepare for employment on your own terms.

The message is: the job market will recover as restrictions lift. Businesses that are currently in hibernation will resume trade and employment prospects will emerge. Locals who are currently unemployed or underemployed have the opportunity to begin preparing for the job search process now.

Local employment service providers like CHESS Connect are continuing to engage with, support and mentor jobseekers through the COVID-19 pandemic and are welcoming new customers who have recently found themselves unemployed or underemployed.

Here are just a few things we are doing right now with local jobseekers to help improve their employment prospects:

  • Resume development
  • Connection to online training and upskilling options
  • Interview skills and preparation – with a focus on video and telephone interviews
  • Job Search training
  • Mentorship, motivation and ongoing support
  • Connecting with suitable employers

Our employment supports are designed to help local people who experience barriers and disadvantages when looking for work. These include people living with disability, injury, health conditions and mental ill health including depression and anxiety.

Here’s an honest guide to choosing a Disability Employment Service Provider. *Please note that during the COVID-19 disruption we will be conducting interviews and supports over video and phone

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  • Our employment supports are designed to provide extra support to local people who experience barriers when looking for work. These include people living with disadvantage, injury, a health condition, disability or mental ill-health, including depression and anxiety.

    If you are unsure about your eligibility you can still enquire and a friendly team member will contact you for a confidential chat. You do not have to declare any type of disability or condition in our enquiry form if you don't wish to.

*our DES supports are delivered in partnership with CoAct Employment and the Department of Social Services


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