What are PaTH Internships?

PaTH Internships are short placements in the workplace that give young people an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to a potential employer, develop vocational skills and improve their employment prospects. At the same time, employers have the opportunity to trial young job seekers in a structured work experience placement, to see if they are the right fit for their business.

PaTH Internships are voluntary, and run for 30 to 50 hours per fortnight, over 4 to 12 weeks. Interns do not receive payment from the employer during this time, but can continue to receive their normal income support payment and are also eligible for an additional fortnightly incentive payment of $200.

PaTH (Prepare, Trial, Hire) makes it easier for employers to find and recruit the right young person, at no cost to their business. Employers can receive $1,000 to help with the costs of the trial and if they decide to hire.

*Eligibility criteria for businesses and jobseekers apply.

How to apply for a PaTH Internship

CHESS Connect help to facilitate PaTH Internships for local business and job seekers as part of our Disability Employment Service (DES). Our DES Team can assist with PaTH Internships from initial engagement to pathways to employment once completed.

Our teams can help local employers to:

  • Determine eligibility for PaTH Internships
  • Identify suitable candidates for PaTH Internships
  • Assist with the PaTH Internship Agreement and updates
  • Assist with completing paperwork including risk assessment for each candidate
  • Assist with access to financial incentives
  • Ongoing support for the candidate once they begin their PaTH Internship
  • Further assistance to facilitate employment once internship is completed



Eligibility for PaTH Internships

To be eligible to host a PaTH Internship your business must have a reasonable prospect of employment for the young person following the trial period. This means you either have a vacancy that needs to be filled, likely will have following trial or you have a regular pattern of recruitment in your business.

Your business cannot displace existing workers or reduce an existing employee’s hours to make way for a trial candidate through a PaTH Internship.

Suitability for PaTH Internships is determined upon application for each business.

The team at CHESS Connect can help you determine if a PaTH Internship is right for your business needs.

Why CHESS Connect?

For over 25 years CHESS Connect has been providing professional recruitment and support to local businesses. Our services are tailored to align with the goals of your organisation, designed to support workplaces that are sustainable, growth orientated and inclusive.

CHESS Connect – We Connect with Community, We Connect with Business, We Connect with People.