ParentsNext Success for Local Coffs Harbour Mum

ParentsNext Coffs Harbour mum Ebannie is 26 years old and a mother to her 4 year old daughter. With the help of her ParentsNext Mentor she was able to access guidance, support and financial assistance to complete her Nursing Degree. Now Ebannie will soon be a fully qualified Registered Nurse. This is her story of success.

My name is Ebannie, I am 26 years old with a 4 year old daughter.

After having my daughter, I was no longer working, and unsure of my goals in life. I moved from a small town to Coffs Harbour to begin studying at University.

I was automatically enrolled into the ParentsNext Program as part of my requirements to receive government support. I was studying, volunteering as a rural firefighter as well as being a mum.

The ParentsNext Program not only assisted me financially with text books and uniforms, they also assisted me in applying for scholarships and grants and helped with my resumes. Most significantly, my ParentsNext Mentor has supported me and encouraged me both throughout my time in the program, as well as in my life, my studies and my goals. So much so, when I was no longer required to participate in ParentsNext I voluntarily signed up for the program as I really appreciated and used the practical support it afforded me.

Fast forward, and I am a few weeks shy of completing a 3 year degree, soon I’ll be a fully qualified Registered Nurse. I am the first in my family to go to University which is a very proud achievement. I will have a daughter who will grow up watching her Mum as an example of what hard work and determination can do.

Without ParentsNext, my journey to success likely would have been a lot more difficult, I would of struggled even more financially and I wouldn’t have my provider cheering me on! 

- Ebannie ParentsNext Participant Coffs Harbour

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ParentsNext is a child-friendly, fully funded service that helps parents and carers with young children identify their strengths and connect with opportunities in their local area.

The ParentsNext Program welcomes voluntary participants as well as those who are referred. If you care for young children and would like support to reach y our education and employment goals, then ParentsNext could be for you.


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