Looking past stereotypes to give locals a go

Variety store Crazy Sam’s in Woolgoolga has recently offered employment to two interns after their completion of the PaTH internship.

alan hartlVariety store Crazy Sam’s in Woolgoolga has recently offered employment to two interns after their completion of the PaTH internship.

A collaborative effort by the Woolgoolga CHESS Connect Team, together with co-owner of Crazy Sam’s Alan Hartl, has seen 2 young people in the local area given the opportunity to enter the workforce.

For Alan Hartl, one half of the Crazy Sam’s duo, making the decision to embark on a PaTH internship with CHESS Connect was an easy one.

“There’s a good feeling about doing something right, and about giving people an opportunity that wouldn’t otherwise have it,” says Alan.


“From a business perspective, especially due to the increased demands on our staff during COVID with COVID Safe practices, the PaTH Internship program allowed us to have extra people on the floor.”


Interns at Crazy Sam’s are given general shop assistant duties, initially for the first couple of weeks receiving training on managing stock levels, general cleaning, merchandise and eventually progressing to customer service and working on the registers for suitable applicants.

CHESS Connect Recruitment Partner, Daniela, was the driver of the success of the PaTH program for Crazy Sam’s, by introducing the concept early on.


“Before speaking with Daniela, I had never heard of PaTH, but she simplified the process and took care of the details and put everything in place.”


The CHESS Connect Woolgoolga Team further supported the success of the program with Recruitment Partner, Lisa, securing the referrals for the business and Customer Experience Coordinator, Ailsa, ensuring the Workplace Risk Assessments met the required standards.

“For the jobseeker, it’s a chance to reskill and build your resume,” says Alan. “See the bigger picture – you’re getting an opportunity. And if you do the right thing, work hard – you might just get a permanent placement.”

For the employer – Alan says to look past stereotypes.


“COVID has changed the employment landscape. These days, you can’t just look at a resume and see gaps in employment as a bad thing or question why someone hasn’t been working. At the end of the day, just give them a go.”


What are PaTH Internships?

PaTH Internships – Prepare, Trial and Hire are short placements in the workplace that give young people an opportunity to demonstrate their skills to a potential employer, develop vocational skills and improve their employment prospects. At the same time, employers have the opportunity to trial young job seekers in a structured work experience placement, to see if they are the right fit for their business.

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