Hidden Treasures – Meet Jamie!

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the most profound social reform of our generation, providing more than half a million…

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is the most profound social reform of our generation, providing more than half a million Australians with the resources to improve their lives.

The NDIS supports people living with disability based on their individual needs. This includes support for daily activities, transport, workplace assistance, mobility and modifications and therapeutic needs.

Disability Support Workers play a crucial role in the Scheme, assisting people with disability with their everyday living. As trusted mentors, Support Workers offer support and companionship, working towards meaningful life goals that are guided by their clients, to help them build reliance, engage with community and reach their individual goals.

A Passion for Discovery

CHESS Connect client Jamie Goolmeeze has been exploring Coffs Harbour local history by getting to know what’s under the ground we walk on here on the mid North Coast. Motivated by his passion for learning about the past, Jamie has been utilizing a metal detector in recreational areas people have been using for up to a hundred years and so far he’s come up with some excellent finds.

Jamie says: ”My favourites are the coins we dig up. There’s all kinds. Some are new, some are old like the 1948 half penny we found at Coffs Creek. Then we get some foreign coins like Euros and American quarters. It’s fun wondering how they got here.”

Jamie has really honed his skills using the detectors and finding targets over the last few months. “I use the big detector to tell me where something is,” he explains, “And then when you start digging you have to use a smaller pin-pointer because the targets can be really tiny and sometimes they are hard to see.”

Building Determination & Focus

Jamie has really learned more about hard work and determination while detecting. “The only thing I don’t like,” he says “is finding bottle tops and ‘canslaw’. That’s the detectorist’s term for mashed bits of tin cans. But my support worker and I like to make sure any rubbish or plastic gets shifted to the bin. That way we’re helping the environment too.

Jamie’s story is a great example of the rewarding and interesting work our support workers deliver throughout our communities. Engaging local people in their interests for greater social and community engagement that builds confidence and healthy habits!

“Helping people living with disability feel more confident and connected with community is the most rewarding part of my role.” – John Cooke, CHESS Connect Disability Support Worker


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