Our Vision

Our purpose is to provide the very best in personalised and supportive NDIS services to people with disability and their carers so they can achieve a Strong Life that aligns with their goals and ability.

Our vision is to continue to grow as an organisation, building our collective knowledge and resources to effectively support individuals living with disability to improve their lives and connect with community.

NDIS Explained

The National Disability Insurance Scheme or NDIS provides all Australians under 65 living with significant and permanent disability with funding for supports and services.

The NDIS funds a range of supports and services that support the independence of the person living with disability and develop increased participation in community and workplace participation. These supports align with the goals and ability of the participant and may include support in education, employment, social independence, living arrangements and health and wellbeing.

How to Access/Eligibility

To access the NDIS you must:

  • provide diagnosis of your disability and evidence of the impact of your condition to a representative at the NDIA or your Local Area Coordinator (LAC)
  • create your plan which will outline your needs and goals and what type of services you can access funding for
  • plan in action by choosing a Registered NDIS Service Provider like CHESS Connect that suits the requirements of your plan
  • your plan will then be reviewed by the NDIA every 12 months to make sure you’re getting the support you need.


Our Services

Support Coordination
  • Coordinate supports/providers to assist in achieving goals
  • Develop service level agreements, managing the Funding in approved plan
  • Assistance to access client portal
  • Find appropriate services, organisations and activities in the community
  • Resolve concerns, develop goals

Download the NDIS ‘Lets Talk About Work’ Booklet

Social and Community Participation
  • Meaningful life planning that includes your own goals and aspirations – this process is guided by you!
  • Mentorship aimed to increase your ability to reach your goals and maintain your resilience
  • Mentoring services to assist you in decision making, budgeting and daily life planning
  • Mentoring on how to plan and manage your life goals and needs
Life Skills, Community & Social
  • Assistance in developing interpersonal skills and life skills (paying bills and other daily tasks)
  • Support and companionship to work towards engaging in community activities independently
  • Support and mentoring so you can reach your social or recreational goals
  • Support and companionship to attend group activities that increases confidence and align with your goals

Respite Support/Short Term Accommodation

CHESS Connect respite supports provide opportunities for new positive life experiences, meaningful activities or to help in a time of crisis. CHESS Connect provides respite services to help customers reach social goals, take a break from homelife/routine and to make sure customers can access mainstream medical or specialists that may be out of area. We provide respite in home or out in the community in accommodation selected to meet your individual needs.

  • Facilitate time away from home, for example, holiday accommodation local or out of your area
  • Short term additional support in the home
  • Targeted support to reduce isolation were there are wellbeing concerns
  • Support to get to important medical appointments out of your local area
  • Support to meet a recreational goal that you have may have
  • Support if your carers are going away for a short time to provide assistance with meals, exercise, everyday tasks and promoting for medication.

Download our Respite and Short Term Accommodation Infosheet

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaching supports NDIS participants living with psychosocial disabilities to live a full and contributing life. CHESS Connect are regional leaders in non-clinical mental health supports, assisting people to implement positive life changes through mentoring and a deep understanding of recovery orientated practice.

What a Psychosocial Recovery Coach can do:

  • Develop a recovery-enabling relationship to design, plan and implement a recovery plan
  • Coaching to increase recovery skills and personal capacity, including motivation, strengths, resilience and decision-making
  • Support engagement with the NDIS
  • Assist with coordination of NDIS and other supports
  • Assistance with managing complex challenges of day-to-day living

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching can also be delivered online through video conferencing.

Download our Infosheet on Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Improved Daily Living

Mentoring & support services aimed to maximise your capacity to be as independent as possible. Assistance with household decision making, personal care and domestic tasks. These supports will most likely delivered in the home, but is not limited to the home environment.

Accommodation and Tenancy Support
  • Assistance in locating improved living environments, like finding a new rental property
  • Assistance in applying for a rental tenancy or undertaking tenancy obligations
  • Practical support to maintain lease agreements and accommodation arrangements
Theraputic Supports
  • Vocational counselling
  • Assistance re-entering the workplace

Why CHESS Connect?

CHESS Connect have been working with local people living with disability for over 20 years. We treat you as an individual, tailoring support to suit your unique needs and goals. As a Registered NDIS Service Provider you can be assured that we provide the highest standard of professional and ethical service.

CHESS Connect – We Connect with Community, We Connect with Business, We Connect with People.