Our Vision & Purpose

Finding a job can be life-changing, so feeling understood and supported is a crucial part of moving confidently towards employment. At CHESS Connect our purpose is to assist local people living with a health condition, injury or disability to prepare for, find and sustain employment so they can live fulfilling lives of self reliance and wellness.

Our vision is to continue to provide professional, targeted support to local people on their job search journey – guided by our values of integrity, respect and empowerment.

How to Access/Eligibility

To be eligible for direct registration with CHESS Connect for our DES program you must:

  • have a health condition, injury or disability that impacts your ability to find or maintain employment
  • be an Australian resident or holder of Temporary Protection Visa (TPV) or Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV)
  • are aged at least 14 but have not yet attained the Age Pension qualifying age
  • Be the recipient of a Centrelink payment
  • Be an NDIS participant

How We Help

We help people living with a health condition, injury or disability find and sustain employment. Our tailored services:

  • help you define your employment goals
  • assist in assessing your skills and identifying suitable training opportunities
  • help to identify and address any barriers to employment
  • coordinate with other key support services
  • assist you through the job search and interview process
  • provide post placement support for you and your employer

Support to Stay in Work

If your health is impacting your work we can support you at no cost to help you stay in your job or return to work. Our specialist staff can accompany you in your workplace to:

  • assess your capacity in the workplace
  • assist you with addressing challenges
  • help you access training  
  • help with accessing workplace modifications or specialist devices

Post Placement Support

Our support continues, even after you get a job. We can assist with:

  • job readiness for your first day at work
  • on the job training and personal support
  • employer liaison to address any issues that arise
  • help with workplace modifications or interpretation services
  • coordination between your employer and other support services


SLES stands for School Leaver Employment Supports. It is available to school leavers who are eligible for the NDIS. SLES will can assist with:

  • personal support to explore your options for education and training
  • one on one support in maintaining employment
  • on the job training and support  
  • assistance and support for your prospective employer
  • support of transition from school into further education, training or work that aligns with your goals

Why CHESS Connect?

For over 20 years CHESS Connect have been supporting local jobseekers into work. We are the regional specialists in disability employment, with strong connections with community and industry. Our staff are committed to supporting your goals in achieving sustainable and fulfilling employment.