How Leaders Can Support Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at work means something different to everyone but it’s time we all got on the same page. So how can leaders support mental health at work?

Mental Health at work

means something different to everyone but it’s time we all got on the same page. With almost a third of working age Australians living with mental illness, and an annual cost to businesses of almost $11 billion dollars, we need to start taking action and equipping our managers and workers with the skills to create mentally healthy workplaces.

Some of the most powerful actions that businesses can take are entirely free and when businesses do invest financially in mental health actions they can look forward to a return on investment of around $2:30 for every dollar.

Here are just a few actions you can take right away to start having a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of your workforce:

  • Learn to recognise the signs when someone is struggling and learn how to connect them with support
  • Make it completely safe and normal to talk about mental health and self-care at work
  • Model good work/life boundaries (simple things like taking your lunch break and going home from work on time)
  • Learn how to manage your stress in healthy ways
  • Give people the opportunity to have control over how they do their work wherever possible
  • If you see performance changes in someone be enquiring and supportive before you make any assumptions about what might be going on

Looking after the mental health of your workforce isn’t just the right thing to do and it isn’t just a WHS requirement – it is a risk management strategy that brings rewards in cost savings and a loyal, engaged workforce. When it comes to Mentally Healthy Workplaces what’s good for business is good for people too.

Mentally Healthy Workplace Workshops

Emily Dever is the Workplace Wellness Specialist at local not for profit CHESS Connect. Delivering Mentally Healthy Workplace Workshops across the Mid North Coast and Northern Rivers of NSW, Emily has reached thousands of local workers to impart practical strategies on how to build a flourishing and healthy workplace.

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