As the situation with COVID-19 develops, many organisations have faced profound change in their daily operations, with office based and community-based teams now required to work from home.

Staff members who would usually enjoy engaging with colleagues in the workplace now find themselves isolated at home, dealing with rapid change, stress and upheaval.

We’ve found that the remoteness and lack of connection is what many people miss the most in this ‘new way of work’ during COVID-19 restrictions.

Our staff have moved quickly to find ingenious ways to keep teams socially connected whilst working apart. Here are a few strategies that we have seen working in action:

  • Create a virtual ‘break-room’ where you can get together and have a chat while making coffee and getting ready to start your working day. You can do this by creating a meeting for your team/colleagues/office group and video chatting or text chatting.
  • Ensure a mix of work and social content during scheduled team meetings – just as it would be in an office environment. The meeting mediator might ask a few questions of the group: what have you found most challenging this week? What are you grateful for today?
  • Host fun or silly team challenges that staff can opt into. We recently ran ‘Fun Hat Friday’ and shared our absurd creations during video meetings.
  • Share co-worker pictures of who might be joining you in the home office? We’ve seen photos of children ‘helping’ out at home, pets, sock puppets, the list grows!
  • Place ‘Easter Eggs’ in your video chats – these are little surprises that you can see in the background of a video chat for your co-workers to spy – so far we’ve seen a toy monkey, a teddy bar with a stethoscope and a puppet.
  • Trial ‘walking meetings’ or meetings out in the sunshine – take a little break from the home office.
  • Ensure you make the effort to host a video chat to mark significant events such as birthdays or work anniversaries, like you would if you were in the office.

Has your team had their own fun during the COVID-19 restrictions? Please share with us below!

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Emily Dever is the Workplace Wellness Manager at CHESS. She has a background in Psychology and Employment Services, is passionate about mental health and wellbeing and is a self confessed chocolate lover.