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We can help you prepare for, find and maintain employment in your local area.

We can help you prepare for, find and maintain employment in your local area.

You could be eligible for extra support in your job search through DES (disability employment services) .

If you live with a health condition, injury, illness, disability or disadvantage that is keeping you from finding employment, we can help!

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  • Our employment supports are designed to provide extra support to local people who experience barriers when looking for work. These include people living with disadvantage, injury, a health condition, disability or mental ill-health, including depression and anxiety.

    If you are unsure about your eligibility you can still enquire and a friendly team member will contact you for a confidential chat. You do not have to declare any type of disability or condition in our enquiry form if you don't wish to.

A bit about our employment service

Disability Employment Service (DES) & Specialised Employment Support

We deliver our specialised employment supports as part of the Department of Social Services’ Disability Employment Service (DES). DES is designed to help people address any barriers or issues that are stopping them from finding work and maintaining employment. This includes people living with disability as well as people who may not identify as having a disability, but still need extra support. People living with health conditions, injury or mental ill-health could all be eligible for our services and extra support in their job search.  If you have a diagnosed condition that impacts your ability to find work in your local area – you could be eligible for extra support.  

How we can support you in finding the right job

  • help you define your employment goals
  • help prepare your job search documentation including resume and cover writing support
  • assist in assessing your skills and identifying suitable training opportunities
  • help to identify and address any barriers to employment
  • coordinate with other key support services
  • assist you with your job search including help canvassing and connecting with local employers
  • assist and mentor you through the job interview process – building your confidence and abilities
  • continue to provide support to you and your employer once you start in your new job

You don’t have to do this alone or without support. If you’re searching for work and don’t feel like you’re getting the support you need, contact us to find out if we can help you. We can guide you through the eligibility process

*DES services delivered in partnership with CoAct Employment & the Department of Human Services