What is Workforce Regeneration?

Workforce Regeneration provides small business owners with access to professional workplace and vocational coaching that may otherwise be out of their reach, giving them the tools to confidently lead their employees through workplace change and disruption. Whether your focus is staff retention, redeployment or job redesign, our Workforce Regeneration consults are proactive, goal orientated and tailored to the needs of your business.

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Building a Resilient Workforce

Change in the workplace can be stressful and overwhelming for small business owners and their employees. But change can also bring positive transformation and when managed well, greater resilience for the future. With the right support, small business owners can address staffing issues, guiding their workforce through the challenges of change and mitigating impacts on productivity and performance.

Benefits of Workforce Resilience

  • Reduction in the human and financial costs associated with workers compensation and other forms of leave
  • Higher levels of productivity and performance
  • Reduction in disruption and risks associated with change
  • Higher rates of workforce retention and staff satisfaction

Workforce Regeneration Consultations

Our Workforce Regeneration consultation packages can address a variety of staffing and workplace issues, including:

  • Workforce Retention
  • Workforce Redeployment
  • Job Redesign: modifying tasks or training in new ways to work
  • Vocational Counselling
  • Performance Management strategies
  • Change Management strategies
  • Risk Management strategies
  • Return to Work strategies


Download out Workforce Regeneration Infosheet

Meet Jennifer

Jen Hill is Practice Leader at CHESS Connect for Return to Work and Allied Health, with a Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Counselling from University of Sydney.

Armed with decades of experience working in health, wellbeing and occupational rehabilitation, Jen is highly skilled in Career Coaching, People Management and Crisis Intervention.

A long time resident of the Mid North Coast, Jen has extensive professional networks and knowledge of local employment markets and workplaces. Jen brings this expertise and knowledge to her Workforce Regeneration consults, guiding local small business through the often stressful periods of change management within their workforce.