What is Trauma Informed Practice?

Trauma Informed Practice recognises the emotional and psychological wounds we sustain during our lives, how we think about them, and how they can impact our emotional, physical and social development. It acknowledges both the macro health system consequences and the micro daily life consequences from how we interact with others to how we respond in times of stress.

Trauma Informed practice emphasises physical, emotional and psychological safety, in environments, interactions and service structures. It is a strengths-based framework that acknowledges the impacts of trauma while providing a roadmap to improved service design and delivery.

Benefits of a Trauma Informed Approach

Increasing the awareness, knowledge and competency of your workforce to engage with customers through a trauma informed lense will support the delivery of services that are effective, respectful and person centred.

A trauma informed approach to customer service can improve consultant and client relationships by:

  • building trust
  • reducing negative encounters
  • reducing potential for escalation
  • providing a safe environment of shared understanding and collaboration

This helps support positive organisational outcomes in terms of customer experience and retention as well as increasing staff moral and their confidence to manage challenging customer interactions.

Workshops for Care & Social Services

Our Trauma Informed Workshops are delivered in two different streams to support staff working in care and customer service industries. These workshops can be delivered face to face and virtually through video conference.

Our workshops for care and social services are targeted to support staff who regularly work with clients who may have experienced complex trauma. This can include teams working in social, family and housing services, drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as mental health, medical services and crisis supports.

Participation in our Trauma Informed Practice Workshops for Care and Social Services will enable attendees to:

  • Develop understandings around the causes and prevalence of trauma
  • Gain awareness of the cognitive, emotional, physical and social impacts of trauma
  • Understand how trauma presents in our interpersonal interactions and expresses through pain based behaviours
  • Use trauma informed approaches and language in their daily work
  • Understand the importance of self care when working with people with lived experience of trauma

Workshops for Customer Services

These workshops are designed to support staff in customer service roles in industries outside of care and social services. These workshops will develop staff understanding of trauma and how to apply a Trauma Informed approach to their work for effective service delivery and customer satisfaction.

These workshops benefit anyone working in a role where they may experience challenging customer interactions including banking and finance, telecommunications, legal, government and council.

Participation in our Trauma Informed Practice Workshops for Customer Services will enable attendees to:

  • Identify what trauma can look like in their customers
  • Learn how to respond using trauma informed approaches
  • Shift to using trauma informed language in their day to day
  • Use trauma informed approaches to reduce tension and avoid escalation
  • Harness these understandings to support their own wellbeing

Meet Emily

CHESS Connect Workplace Wellbeing Specialist Emily Dever develops and delivers workshops that focus on supporting on mental health and trauma informed practice in the workplace. She has delivered sessions to over 750 people, across 50 forums and workshops in close to 30 different businesses across the CHESS Connect footprint. She has delivered sessions at conferences, in medical centres, in lunch rooms, in corporate function centres, child care centres, online and blueberry fields. Current business clients include Midcoast Council, Coffs Harbour City Council, Forestry Corporation, Woolworths and Holiday Coast Credit Union.

Emily has lived, worked and studied in the Coffs Harbour area for most of her life – growing up in Bonville she is now raising her family in Sawtell. After gaining her Bachelor of Psychology with First Class Honours from Southern Cross University and winning the University Medal, she began working in disability employment, and at CHESS Connect, has held a variety of roles in employment, social and psychosocial support over her 10 years of service. Emily is passionate about creating shifts in workplace cultures to support resilience, reduce stress, give people the skills they need to look after each other, and create greater wellbeing for everyone in the organisation from the frontline staff to the CEO.