Our Vision

Our purpose is to develop collaborative relationships with regional businesses so they can build a workforce powered by people who are local, loyal and supported in the workplace.

Our vision is to continue to grow as an organisation, building our collective knowledge and resources to support the advancement of industry in our region.

Hiring People with Disability, Illness or Injury

We connect local business with reliable and committed jobseekers through our Disability Employment Service, designed to help people with a health condition, disability or injury find and maintain employment.  Our services are free and include:

  • professional recruitment and job matching
  • tailored ongoing support for employees
  • links to training and development
  • service coordination and support  

Government Incentives

Employers who employ a job seeker through the DES program may be able to receive financial assistance from the Australian Government to assist in offsetting initial onboarding and training costs as well as addressing any accessibility requirements in the workplace.

Work Assist

Do you have an employee who is currently having difficulty maintaining their performance because of an illness, injury or disability?

You may be able to access tailored job support and funding for your employee at no cost to you. We can help!

Our employment specialists are ready to support your business by managing the impact that your employee’s illness, injury or disability has on their work, so they can feel in control and confident at work, and you keep your valued employee.

Learn More About Our Work Assist Services

Post Placement Support

Our support for your business continues, even after we place staff in work. We can assist with:

  • on-boarding for staff to ensure a smooth transition in the first weeks of work
  • on the job training and personal support
  • employee liaison to address any issues that arise
  • help with workplace modifications or interpretation services
  • coordination between your employee and other support services

Workplace Diversity Support

Promoting diversity and inclusivity in your workplace can increase staff and client loyalty, and enhance the reputation of your organisation within the local community.

We are experts in assessing funding and incentive schemes so businesses can be progressive and competitive in their hiring practices. Our workplace diversity support includes:

  • Assistance with your diversity recruitment strategy for Disability, Indigenous and CALD employment
  • On the job support and training to promote inclusive workplace practices
  • Tailored workshops delivered to staff

CHESS Connect provides specialist training and guidance for businesses of all sizes so they can better support diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Why CHESS Connect?

For over 20 years CHESS Connect has been providing professional recruitment and support to local businesses. Our services are tailored to align with the goals of your organisation, designed to support workplaces that are sustainable, growth orientated and inclusive.

CHESS Connect – We Connect with Community, We Connect with Business, We Connect with People.