6 Simple Christmas Job Search Tips

If you’re looking for work during the lead up to Christmas there are some simple ways to stay abreast of local employment opportunities.

The Christmas holiday period can provide opportunity to secure casual and seasonal work, as well as more permanent positions – especially on the NSW coast where the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors head into their busiest months.

But the job search process can be stressful and overwhelming at any time, let alone during the lead up to the busy Christmas period when families and individuals are feeling additional pressure to prepare for celebrations and get togethers.

If you’re seeking work during the lead up to Christmas and beyond, there are some very simple ways you can keep on top of opportunities and get in front of employers looking to hire staff.


Here 6 simple Christmas job search tips:


      1. Sign up to the mailing lists of companies you’re interested in working with. This will keep you up to date with any company information and possible job opportunities.

      2. Create an account on the website careers section of large employers you may be interested in working with e.g. Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings etc. This will ensure you are notified when opportunities arise.

      3. Utilise SEEK Updates. Set up an account on seek and sign up to their email job alerts. You’ll then receive a summary to your inbox of possible job opportunities based on your industry, location and occupation preferences.

      4. ‘Like’ businesses on Facebook and other social platforms. Businesses often post vacancies on their social media, especially small and local business.

      5. Join community information groups on Facebook in your local area. Businesses and members will often post in these groups when they are looking to hire locally. Try searching your region in Facebook and see what groups are available to join.

      6. Connect with a local employment support service for extra help in your job search.


Employment support providers (like the team here at CHESS Connect!) have dedicated consultants who are skilled in helping people prepare for and obtain work in their local area. They understand the local job market, have connections to employers in the region and know all the tips and tricks to support people through the job search process.

Specialist employment service providers like CHESS Connect provide one on one service (so you don’t have to fumble around alone online) and go the extra mile to identify and address any issues that might be disrupting your ability to find work. PLUS we also continue support AFTER you’ve secured a job, helping you and your employer in the workplace once you’ve commenced employment.


We deliver our specialised employment supports as part of the Department of Social Services’ Disability Employment Service (DES). DES is designed to help people address any barriers or issues that are stopping them from finding work and maintaining employment. This includes people living with disability as well as people who may not identify as having a disability, but still need extra support. People living with health conditions, injury or mental ill-health could all be eligible for our services and extra support in their job search. If you have a diagnosed condition that impacts your ability to find work in your local area – you could be eligible for extra support.

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  • Our employment supports are designed to provide extra support to local people who experience barriers when looking for work. These include people living with disadvantage, injury, a health condition, disability or mental ill-health, including depression and anxiety.

    If you are unsure about your eligibility you can still enquire and a friendly team member will contact you for a confidential chat. You do not have to declare any type of disability or condition in our enquiry form if you don't wish to.

Our Disability Employment Services are delivered in partnership with our Network Partner CoAct Employment.