Collaborating with Baagi Milaygiin – “Grandmothers Spirit”

During the height of pandemic restrictions, our ParentsNext team worked closely with local parents who were feeling the strain of supporting their young families during the stresses of lockdown. With the wellbeing of our parents top of mind, a collaboration with local Blak Business Baagi Milaygiin blossomed.

Feeling the 'pandemic fatigue'

In September this year our ParentsNext participants were suffering with Pandemic Fatigue. Many were struggling with home-schooling, social isolation and separation from loved ones and Country. It was a challenging time. With the children home, food costs soared as hungry bellies grumbled and busy mouths chewed. Our parents’ wellbeing was of real concern, and as a result we sought out a Blak Business that could provide a spiritually nourishing Indigenous Hygiene Pack. What we found was the deadly Deb Munson and her amazing business Baagi Milaygiin – “Grandmothers Spirit”

Deb Munson

Deb is a proud Gomeroi woman from Coonabarabran. She is a healer, with extensive experience working in community based roles. She is tireless in her commitment to nourishing mob; spiritually, emotionally and physically. Using the ancient healing knowledges/recipes passed down to her, and deep listening to her Grandmother’s Spirit, Deb has created a range of products that nurture, nourish and connect. The Australian native plant based botanicals and organic ingredients are grown locally on her Middle Brother property, lovingly hand poured and loaded with healing benefits.

Collaborating with Baagi Milaygiin

Recently, we had the great privilege of spending an afternoon with Deb. We sampled products, toured her workroom, ate scones and sipped on tea. Hers is an easy wisdom to savour; soft and warm. She is a knowledge sharer, a knowledge keeper. Her garden is brimming with bush medicine, Emu Bush, Kunzea and Gumbi Gumbi, citrus and fruit trees, all lovingly cared for by Deb.

Her products are quite simply, amazing. From her lip balms, lemon myrtle moisturiser and bush oils, to her traditional Pink Ochre Clay Masks and teas, Deb’s products are high quality, affordable, organic and offer outstanding value.

Baagi Milaygiin is a 100% Blak owned local business and we are very grateful to have been able to share their products with our ParentsNext participants.

Baagi Milaygiin - "Grandmothers Spirit"

Aboriginal Bush Beauty

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