At CHESS Connect we often work with people to help them address any barriers to employment they may have. This could be people living with a health condition, injury or disability that impacts their ability to find work. Our purpose is to help people achieve their personal goals, learn new skills and gain meaningful employment.

Though our customers can encounter additional challenges in the job search process, there are a few pieces of advice that apply to anyone looking for work in today’s labour market.

Here are  5 practical career tips for anyone looking for work:

Demonstrate you are coachable & willing to learn.

Starting and working your way into a position you really want is better than not starting at all.

Seek advice and recommendations from experienced people around you.

They offer such great advice on resume’s, applications and interview preparation.

Engage in voluntary and work experience opportunities.

Volunteer work often leads to great references and paid employment.

Utilise all avenues of support.

If you are in receipt of Centrelink benefits utilise your concessions for Education & Training. You will learn new skills and become more competitive in the labour market.

Maintain a positive attitude.

The job search process can be daunting and often stressful…try and maintain a positive attitude, present yourself well and be courteous – you will be recognised for this!

CHESS Connect offer a number of employment services for locals and businesses based in the Hastings Valley, Coffs Harbour and surrounds and Clarence Valley. We are particularly skilled working with young people or people living with additional barriers to employment.

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