5 Benefits of Vocational Assessment & Counselling for School Leavers Employment Supports

Having a job contributes to a young persons feeling self-worth and purpose as well as financial security and independence.

Employment means different things to different people. Having a job is one pathway a person can take towards feeling self-worth, purpose, achieving financial security and independence and to productively contribute to society.

School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) is an early intervention for Year 12 School leavers designed to support their transition from school to employment. It provides vocational skills development and contributes to the participant achieving an employment outcome.

Vocational Counselling and Assessment focuses on providing skills for individuals to manage their journey through life, learning and work. Vocational Counselling and Assessment is an exploration of options to assist making informed choices about career pathways. It provides understanding to better serve when searching for the right career and helps guide in the best possible direction.

5 Benefits of Vocational Assessment & Counselling for School Leavers Employment Supports:


1. To determine strengths, interests and aspirations

To help point you in the direction of career options that to your strengths and interests rather than choosing an area where you are weaker or less inspired.

2. Setting direction and goals

Helps identify the steps needed to reach important goals along the way as you explore your career options.

3. Identifying options and choices and understanding the world of work

Providing an understanding of the wider world of work to broaden your perspective on what careers might be available and /or suitable.

4. Education Support and guidance

Helping along the way with support resources and tools to help you achieve the training you need to be successful in your new career path.

5. Enhancing your personal brand

Helping you present yourself in your best light by providing job search coaching to guide you in making you and your ‘personal brand’ more marketable to potential employers.


Looking for support after you finish school? CHESS Connect is a for purpose organisation that’s been delivering disability services to local people for over 20 years. Our extensive experience in Disability Employment, Youth Employment and the NDIS allows us to provide the very best in professional and effective SLES supports to young school leavers.

If you’re a young school leaver and eligible for the NDIS we can work with you, helping you to research the right job, as well as helping to locate resources for strengthening the skills needed for the job desired.


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