career transitionThe effects of joblessness and redundancy go much deeper than just dollars and cents.

Employment adds structure to our days – it’s the organising principle of our life. To lose this suddenly can have a very real and visceral impact.

Loss of identity, loss of control, feelings of hopelessness and abandonment – these can all occur during times of sudden change and

career transition


From my own experience as a career counsellor and having been through redundancy myself, I’ve learnt that there are surprising ways to build confidence and capacity to manage career transition that aren’t just about writing a great resume and cover letter.

4 Surprising Ways to Cope with Career Transition

1. Be Present at all times

You never know when an opportunity will present itself or you could meet a person who can link you to an opportunity.

2. Limit negative self-talk. Know that you can do this

You have secured work before, you can do it again. Take time to really assess your future. Recognise you transferable strengths and do not take them for granted. Tap into every available resource. Sometimes it can be helpful to employ the support of a career coach to help you along the way.

3. Explore your options. Follow what you enjoy

Use this time as an opportunity to explore what could be your next career journey. This may be an opportunity to explore a career pivot you have been considering but have not had the time to.

Last but certainly not least:

4. Reach out to family, friends and build a network of support

Identify and surround yourself with those that are supportive, do not isolate yourself.

Want to partner with an expert in your career transition journey? Your Work Transition Plan is a strength-based career counselling service, designed to help provide guidance to professional people facing redundancy and unemployment in a post COVID landscape.

  • Build confidence and define your transferable skills and strengths
  • Set goals and establish a career path, not just a job
  • Keep you accountable, motivated and have a more balanced perspective
  • Help navigate through difficult career decisions…and get what you want in your professional life faster

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About Jennifer Hill
Jennifer is an experienced Rehabilitation Counsellor with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness and Occupational Rehabilitation industry. Skilled in Coaching, Crisis Intervention, Case Management, Disabilities, and People Management, Jennifer spends her time outside of CHESS Connect studying and working on her small farm in rural NSW.